Leo's Audio DSP project

Friday, September 21, 2007

My Current Projects

Recently completed projects:
  • Simple Windows UI for a C++ console application I wrote.

Current projects:

  • Various experiments on my new Altera DE1 FPGA dev board. The board has a Cyclone II FPGA chip and lets me experiment with its NIOS II soft processor as well as various audio/video capabilities. After experimenting with basic functions I will look into DMA optimization and possibly implement an audio synthesizer.
Side projects:
  • Various implementations with my TI-430 low power microprocessor. It is a dev board on a USB stick with some pin access to the micro controller chip. It came with some sample C code I vaguely understand.

Potential projects:

  • A basic embedded system on an A/D BlackFin dev board. This comes with the VisualDSP++ dev platform I'm already familiar with.