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Friday, January 19, 2007

New board is on its way

Thanks to Harman Music Group [title] Vince [lastname], I got in touch with our local Analog Devices representative Jared Bates. He agreed to take the defective board and supply a new one next week.

The best part is that I requested a slightly different eval board with a sister SHARC chip: ADSP-21364. This DSP chip is optimized for pro audio. The old chip (ADSP-21369) was more of a general purpose chip. The new chip has more internal memory (6MB). That means I can keep more samples of audio in the DSP chip without accessing external memory.

Another difference is that the new evaluation board is simpler and has DRAM instead of SDRAM. The old board has too many features and hardware expansion boards for which I have no use for.


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